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In the coming months, CenturyLink will implement a billing system conversion. We are committed to keeping you informed of any and all developments regarding this conversion and your newly formatted bill.

Though our billing system is changing, our service, repair and other contact numbers will remain the same. We remain committed to providing you with excellent customer service through this process and beyond. We thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve your communication needs.

Here are the changes you will see on your newly formatted bill.

Changes to Your Bill Format

Account number

Your first newly formatted bill from CenturyLink will feature your new account number. This new 9-digit account number will replace your 13-digit account number. You will need to reference your new 9-digit account number when remitting your payment.

Your 9-digitaccount number can be found on your bill beneath the CenturyLink logo.

Your new account number will appear in the upper left hand corner of your newly formatted bill.

How to view your new account number online

Online you will be able to locate your new and old account numbers on your My Account page.

If you have a single account, your new account number will appear on the top right side of the My Account screen after you log in. Placing your cursor over your new account will reveal a pop-up layer with your old account number for your reference.

Your account number is displayed on the right side of the message bar in My Account.

Your old account number will also be displayed in the Current Account Summary section.

Your old account number will also be displayed in the Current Account Summary section.

You can also view a complete PDF copy of your new bill online.

To sign up to automatically pay your bill each month with CenturyLink's Autopay service, please use your new 9-digit account number after receipt of your first new bill.

Paper bills

The appearance of your bill will be modified; please view "How to Read Your Bill" for more information.

Paperless bill

  • You will continue to receive your paperless bill without interruption after our billing conversion. Your electronic bill statement will contain your new account numbers. Your current My Account user ID and password will remain the same, and your past invoices will still be available in PDF format.
  • Your electronic bill statement containing billing amount, due date and new account numbers will come from
  • The appearance of your online bill will be modified.
    Please view "How to Read Your Bill" for more information.
  • You can continue to log on to your account at with your current 13-digit account number until the billing conversion is completed. After you receive your first newly formatted bill, you will need to use your new 9-digit account number.

Payment and Delivery Changes

Billing periods and payment due dates

You will continue to be billed monthly for CenturyLink services the same way as before, whether by paper bill or by e-bill, and your payment due date will continue to fall in the same timeframe as before.

If you previously had a preferred due date, this date will change to a CenturyLink bill cycle due date with the first newly formatted bill. Should you prefer another date, please call CenturyLink to request a billing date that better suits your needs.

Long distance monthly charge billing proration

There will be a one-time adjustment to your first new bill associated with your long distance plan. This is not a rate increase. This one-time billing adjustment is a result of aligning your billing period between our existing and new bill systems, and will be noted as a "prorated" charge on your bill.

Unlimited long distance plan call detail

Following our billing system conversion, Unlimited Long Distance Plan call details will only be available online at and will not be listed on your paper bill.

Payment of charges for another customer account

Local toll charges

  • If your local toll minutes of use charges are paid by another customer you will now be responsible for payment. You will be billed for these charges beginning with the first newly formatted bill from CenturyLink. Please be prepared to pay these charges when you receive your bill.
  • If you pay another customer's local toll minutes of use charges for them, you will no longer receive that bill. The customer you were previously paying these charges for will now be billed for them. That customer will now be responsible for paying the charges.

Local monthly recurring charges

  • You will still be able to pay the monthly recurring charges for another customer account. The monthly recurring charges that you pay for another account will experience a 30-day delay in billing. Billing will resume for these charges with your next bill.
  • Please pay these charges as you normally would.

Recurring payments with ACH bank draft/credit card/ATM debit card

  • If you are currently set up for recurring payments with ACH bank draft/credit card/ATM debit card, your payment process will continue without interruption, and your draft/due date will continue to fall within the same timeframe each month. However, if you have a preferred due date/draft date, your due date/draft date will change to the due date on your first bill from the new billing system.

Phone payments

You will still be able to pay by phone (by representative or interactive voice response) after the billing system conversion. You will be prompted to re-enter your payment information (such as ATM/debit or credit card, checking account, etc.) and will be given the option to save this updated information.

Please note that the option to pay multiple accounts with one payment will no longer be available by phone. You will have to enter each payment one at a time.

Pre-Cash payments

You can still pay using Pre-Cash locations after the billing conversion. Please note that posting times will vary as no direct communication will exist between the Pre-Cash outlets and CenturyLink. Please contact your Pre-Cash agent for availability to continue payment processing. View your receipt to see the estimated time it will take a payment to post, as it typically takes 3-4 business days.

Other online bill pay services

If you use an online bill service, such as with your bank, please provide them with your new 9-digit account number found on your first newly-formatted bill to ensure that your payments continue to be processed without interruption.

Billing credits and discounts

  • Any pending credits or discounts that you are owed will be processed at the time of the billing conversion.
  • Your current credits or discounts will now appear as one line item on your first newly formatted bill.
  • Detailed adjustments will be available again on bills received after the first newly formatted bill.

Customer Services

Customer Service phone numbers

We are not planning changes to the Customer Service phone numbers at this time. If there are any changes in the future, you will be notified in advance.

CenturyLink e-mail addresses

Your e-mail address will remain the same. If there are any changes in the future, you will be notified in advance.

Access to e-mail

You will continue to access your e-mail account at using your existing username and password.

Service changes

There will be no changes to your existing services such as Local, Long Distance, High-Speed Internet, Direct TV and Prism.

Rate changes

If there are any rate changes to your services, you will be notified in advance.

Customer promotions

All current promotions from CenturyLink that are currently on your bill will continue to be honored.

Telephone directory delivery schedule

There are no anticipated changes to directory delivery schedules.

Credit policy

If you are purchasing new services or equipment, your account will be evaluated under the new credit guidelines.

Benefits of Your New Bill

Quicker access to your account information

You'll have quick and easy access to your account information both online and in print. Click here to sign up for My Account today and view all your information online.

Simplified format

The new bill format makes it easy to find the information you care about most, including customer service contacts and a comprehensive bill summary.

How to Read Your Bill

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